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Trolls Beatdowns Oct2020

Be sure to avoid moddb, swbfgamers, and gametoast, they are nazi troll malware spam sites full of keyloggers and butthurt plagiarist lying scumbags. All of those nazi cult trolls are banned from SWBF
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TWD ZeroFront Trolldb Final Archives!TWDModHacks/TWDBF_TrolldbArchive_190627.pdf!TWDModHacks/TWDBF_TrolldbArchive_191101.pdf!TWDModHacks/TWDBF_TrolldbArchive_191117.pdf!TWDModHacks/TWDBF_TrolldbArchive_191128.pdf!TWDModHacks/TWDBF_TrolldbArchive_200520.pdf!TWDModHacks/TWDBF_TrolldbArchive_201012.pdf!TWDModHacks/fcphobos_trolldb_censored_downloads.pdf

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